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 I have known Marc for over 20 years.  I have watched him attack every single phase of his life with a type of effort, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion that most people never exert, not once, not even in their most successful hour.  He grew up in a blue collar town, single-parent home, was overweight, insecure, extremely non-athletic, and was constantly bullied for his appearance and lack of confidence.  Marc had a dream.  Although, he possessed none of the qualities necessary to achieve that dream.  And to make matters worse, people laughed at his dream.  But, there was a moment. And in that moment he made a choice.  That choice would clear the pathway for the rest of his life.
          Against all odds Marc achieved his dream.  But, the journey to that dream is the jewel in this story.  The ups and downs, the peaks and valleys.  Through it all Marc stay focused and completely committed to that dream.  Every detail about that journey, especially the failures, have prepared him for continued success in whatever he goes after.  And I had a front row seat to the whole thing!
          I spent 10 years teaching and coaching at a lower socio-economic status high school in Richmond, VA.  I taught and coached many young men and women who walked in the same shoes as Marc did at that age.  Many of those students didn’t have a positive male role model in their lives to provide an example of the possibilities that await their arrival.  They need to see that: (1) they actually can achieve their dream no matter what it is or what others think about their dream; and (2) what it will actually take to achieve that dream. This lead me to create this film, along with a detailed curriculum to help students fully absorb the surmounting potential in each and every one of them.

                                                                                                      -Film Director, Randy West
"Our students loved the documentary, Just a Kid From Fall River. The activities and discussion were a great opportunity to process the many issues that our students are currently experiencing in a positive light. The documentary's curriculum fit perfectly within our virtual setting. The curriculum culminated in a wonderful presentation by the star of the documentary, Marc Megna! I cannot express enough how much of an impact Marc and his documentary had on the 300+ students in our program."

                                                                                                                 -Matt Bland, Success Program Coordinator
                                                                                                                                     L.C. Bird H.S. Chesterfield, VA
Check out some audio highlights from Marc's motivational talks
with various schools across the country
Check out this clip of director Randy West talking with Principal Blanton and students about the importance of educators.
Check out this clip of Marc answering a tough question regarding abandonment. (asked by a participating student)
"I would definitely recommend this to other teachers. It goes well with our Health SOLs too!  I loved going through this and can’t believe how many discussion topics were addressed. One in particular that I thought would just be average was the grind/hard work section. Many of these kids don’t put forth ANY effort in the classroom or life at all and they were brutally honest in admitting that and that led to how success isn’t going to just fall out of the sky. If they want to be more successful than their parents (which they all do), then at some point they will have to create that opportunity for themselves because there are no handouts in the life they were born into- it got pretty deep!"
                                                                                                                                         -Anne Hayes, Health & PE Teacher
itage H.S. Henrico, VA
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The JAKFFR Character Development Curriculum is a great tool for you and your students to process the life lessons displayed throughout the film.  When processed properly, the curriculum unlocks powerful messages and life lessons in each section!
Breakdown Clips.jpeg
Film breakdown to coordinate with character development curriculum
 and make processing questions seamless.
*All Just A Kid From Fall River Educational Packages are customized to meet the needs of you, your organization and your participants.

*To schedule a Motivational speaking engagement with Marc Megna please contact Marc's agency, TODAY'S BUSINESS by emailing Tom Ottaiano at

*Digital film license allows for viewing and direct download to your device to watch anytime, anyplace!

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