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"A story of what you can accomplish when you’re not afraid to do the work, don’t give excuses, sacrifice and give all you have!" 

    ~Kerry P. Taylor, New England Patriot Teammate

"The epitome of what it means to be from Fall River, and how hard work and perseverance pay off." 

                                                        ~Chris Peckham, Fall River City Councilman   

"I was beyond impressed by this film's ability to keep my attention, make me laugh and make me cry." 

     ~Michelle Calloway, Wife and Mother of Two

"Marc's story will touch your heart while motivating you to be a better person in all facets of life." 

                                                        ~Dwayne Foster, U.S. Military Veteran

"Marc Megna is living proof that you can do or be whatever you want if you're willing to focus, have discipline, and endure the grind." 

      ~Tim Yagla, University of Richmond Teammate

*Check out these pictures from the RVA Premiere Screening of Just A Kid From Fall River.

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