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You Can’t be Feeble in Football.

But that’s exactly what Marc was. Repeatedly bullied and overweight, Marc was an unpopular kid who turned pain into fuel to transform his body, train his mind, and change the course of his entire life.

What started as self-defense became an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement from pre-dawn sprints at his high school track to living in a storage closet while training for the NFL draft. It took blood, sweat, sacrifice—and his mom’s heartfelt advice—for Marc to go from an insecure boy to a professional NFL athlete.

His against-all-odds story is proof that a bigger life, a better version of you, and incredible success is possible with enough grit, hard work, and dedication. For anyone who’s been told they aren’t strong enough, fast enough, or simply good enough, this book will move you to dream big and believe in yourself.

Dream Big Never Quit- The Book

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