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Andrew Garven | His job was one of the most important.

I met Andrew Garven in my second season with the Montreal Alouettes. He was an intern who was responsible for breaking down film. Sounds like a low level job. However, his job was one of the most important. When he started he wasn’t even getting paid. He spent his life in that film room breaking down game footage. I immediately respected him a great deal. He put in years of work helping us to become the best TEAM possible. He was without a doubt one of the smartest guys in any room who had a knack for communicating with people.

Our entire TEAM started to understand how important he was to our organization. Because of his hard work and attention to detail, he transitioned into the sports supplements world where we were reunited. We worked together for another decade and built an awesome friendship. Having positive people like Andrew in my life has been a blessing. He’s one of the most genuine humans on the earth and has a heart of gold. Thank you for sitting down with Monarch Productions to be a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project. Thanks for being an amazing influence and friend.

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