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Chi Bang | No questions asked.

The most important part of any person comes from their roots. Roots come from a strong foundation. I’m proud and grateful to come from Fall River, Massachusetts. Anyone who was born and raised in Fall River carries a deep sense of pride. Chi Bang is a childhood friend who explains this feeling perfectly.

There’s something special that connects us and brings us together during challenging times. Chi was an incredible worker in High School and was also a great teammate. I remember Chi picking me up in the air after my first sack at Durfee. What he says in this clip is 100% spot on. If you did something well he felt it and was proud of it. When someone from the city excelled, we excelled. Chi has always been there for me. When my mom was hospitalized in Boston Chi gave me his apartment and car. No questions asked. He’s risen as a fitness professional and business owner in Boston, Massachusetts. Still an incredible friend today who makes this world a better place.

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