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Chris Lambert | More of an influence than he knows.

Growing up my cousin Chris was one of my hero’s. I looked up to him because he was a great student, terrific hockey player, and awesome person. He always included me in things when our family would visit. I’m not sure he knows how much that meant to me as a shy insecure boy. Another fun fact, he would show me how to stick handle and use my brother and I as targets when he would practice, lol. He is also partly responsible for starting my obsession with movies. Particularly the ROCKY series. We would go every time a new film was released. He was an amazing cousin. In this clip he tells a great story about dinners at my grandmothers house. She was an incredible cook. A small woman in stature who stirred a big pot of sauce. Several times I had my New England Patriots TEAMMATES over for a big Italian dinner. It was a comical sight to see so many large men at her tiny table, to add great value to the community. Thank you Chris for sitting down with @monarchproductions and being a part of the @justakidfromfallriverfilm project. #508

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