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Annie Palumbo | Lifelong friendship.

This is my friend Annie Palumbo. We grew up together in Fall River, Massachusetts. At our 1st grade graduation her father brought in a VHS camera to film the ceremony. During graduation each student was asked which profession they wished to pursue. Down the line they went. The answers were mixed. Lawyer, doctor, police officer, veterinarian, etc. When turn came I was so nervous, but had decided I would share my dream. “What do you want to be when you grow up Marc?” “I want to play professional football for the New England Patriots.” The entire room erupted with laughter. I’m sure it was funny coming from a small boy who had no idea what that actually meant. However, I learned a very valuable lesson. Our greatest detriment is not setting a goal too high it’s setting a goal too low. When people laugh at your goals take it as a positive. That means you’re aiming high. Shoot for the things that other people say you can’t have and go to work. This approach has nothing to do with proving yourself to others. It has everything to do with putting in the work, making the sacrifices, and following through. Thank you Annie for your life long friendship and sitting down with @monarchproductions to be a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project. #508

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