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Dr. Andrew Bogle | Carried the relentless torch.

Andrew Bogle came to the University of Richmond as a small and undersized defensive lineman. I immediately took a liking to him. Several doubted his collegiate future because of his size. I knew he would be a great player because of the way he worked and battled in practice. He gave awesome effort and carried the relentless torch associated with defensive line play. He was an outstanding defensive lineman. Thank you for caring about the little things that most people would not. It’s the little things that created a TREMENDOUS CULTURE of accountability.

I have so much respect for Andrew. Today Dr. Andrew Bogle is one of the top Orthopedic surgeons in all of Richmond, VA. His work ethic on the field translated to a great career as a surgeon. Thank you for being a great TEAMMATE and an amazing human being. Thank you for being part of the Just A Kid From Fall River documentary.

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