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Elio Imbornone, Jr. | A great teammate and trusted friend

In college I spent more time with this guy than anyone on the TEAM. This Elio Imbornone. He was my Roommate for 4 years. Yes, he was a great teammate. But he was also a trusted friend, caring person, and very dependable when needed. We both went on our recruiting visit together. In fact, we called each other the night before we committed to Richmond. We had a lot in common.

"Elio was that one friend who always helped you when times got tough."

We’re both from Massachusetts, liked the same kind of comedy, music, and coincidentally both of our mothers were named Pauline. Elio was that one friend who always helped you when times got tough. He could make you laugh without saying a word. He would joke on players and coaches. My family would ask about him before they asked how I was doing. Going through training camp and challenging practices was easy with Elio there. Thank you brother for being a great friend and teammate. A huge thank you for sitting down with Randy from @monarchproductionsand being a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project. #508

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