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Eric King | Talk about a worker

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are driven is one of the hardest things to do today. I have so much RESPECT for this guy. He was one of my teammates and captains at the University of Richmond. Talk about a worker. He entered Richmond as a 6’5 220 all-star QB. He was asked to play H-back and then TE to help out the TEAM. He did just that. He got up in weight and was moved to offensive guard. Zero complaints. He left Richmond as an All-American and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs a 6’5 315 LB offensive lineman.

I firmly believe that Eric would’ve been successful at any position he played. Why? It was has work ethic and attitude. How many guys would do whatever it takes to better their TEAM with zero complaints. Very few. He was without a doubt one of the smartest and toughest players I’ve ever played against. Thx for pushing me Eric. Thank you for being a part of this very special project. Thank you @monarchproductions for traveling the country for this footages and caring to do the @justakidfromfallriver film project.

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