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Frank Leonard | He loved the game.

This is COACH Frank Leonard. I capitalized the word COACH because he is the very definition of the word. When I met him he was an assistant on the University of Richmond staff. However, he was paid as a restricted earnings coach. That meant he made barely enough money to eat. It didn’t matter to him. He loved the game, his athletes, and the coaching life.

He brought unbelievable energy and worked his ass off. After eight years he left Richmond, coached at several Division 1 schools and went on to be the first Offensive Line scouting specialist for the New England Patriots. You’ve probably never heard of that position. That’s because it was created for him. Imagine being so good at your job they create a position because that's how much they need your services. Well that’s exactly what the Patriots did. Ask anyone who played for Coach Leonard and they will rave about his attention to detail, but more importantly the way he cared about his players. He was a gift to the athletes I played with and the other coaches. Thank you COACH Leonard for caring the way you do and being a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project.

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