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Joe Douglas | 20 years of grunt work that no one saw

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

This is one of the hardest working and humble guys I know. His name is Joe Douglas. He is a dear friend and was one of my TEAMMATES at the University of Richmond. He was just hired to be the General Manager of the New York Jets. What people don’t know is it took him 20 years of grunt work that no one saw. Months of time away from his family. He grinded it out as a junior scout for the better part of two decades as he climbed the ranks. I practiced against Joe everyday in college.

"There are so many lessons we could pull from his journey. I believe the most important is patience and persistence."

He always brought the best out of me. I have tremendous RESPECT for his drive and character. He’s one of my many TEAMMATES who have achieved at a high level and continue to climb.

Click on the link in my bio to see footage of Joe in the TV show HARD KNOCKS in his first year with the Ravens. Also, Joe was the head of Player Personnel when the Eagles won their last Super Bowl. Thank you Joe for being a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project. Another shoutout to @monarchproductions for his relentless work on this project.

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