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Luis Buron | A close friend and positive person

I met @luis_buron several years after working at a corporate wellness facility in Miami Beach, FL. He had just started in our industry and was learning the ropes as a young trainer. I was impressed by his energy and thirst to improve. We spent so many early morning hours training together over the years. Funny thing is training had nothing to do with training. It was about committing and consistency. Pushing yourself when you didn’t want to. The other side was our conversations. We would talk about training, but a lot about life. So many great talks. Having someone there to listen when things are challenging was a blessing. He became a close friend and positive person in my life. I’ve watched him go from rookie trainer, to manager, and beyond. I could go on for days about his positive influence on many. Thank you for being a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project by @monarchproductions . Thank you for your friendship and great energy.

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