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Matt Davis | Tough times do not build character, they reveal it.

Adjusting to a new environment and group of people is tricky. When I first arrived on campus I thought things would be easy and I would roll through the next four years. Not the case at all.

Training camp, school, and pressure from the coaches was all taken to a level I had never experienced. Matt Davis was a TE at the University of Richmond, dear friend, and warrior. I became very close with Matt and respected him a great deal. He had scholarship offers from several 1A schools including Maryland and Michigan St. He went to Richmond because his brother Mike went to Richmond. We all looked up to Mike because of his toughness and commitment to the TEAM. Matt became a standout TE that helped us tremendously on offense. Not only was he a terrific player, but you wanted him on your side if you were going into any game. We learned a lot about each other during the toughest times. Tough times do not build character they reveal it.

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