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Mike Ganhadeiro | Blessed to have him in my life

When I was a kid I really needed positive people in my life. I would do whatever it took to spend time around them. This is my good friend Big Mike. I would go to his barbershop to get my hair cut every two weeks. He knew we didn’t have a lot of money and would rarely charge me. He always took care of me and looked out for me. Many days I found myself sitting there just to be in the environment. Sometimes I would pick up sandwiches from Marzillis Bakery and hand deliver them to Mike. He would work and I would listen. He gave me great advice and made sure I stayed away from anything negative.

Fall River people look out for each other. In the worst of times you could always count on them to support you and lay a helping hand. I’m blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Mike for sitting down with Randy from @monarchproductions and being a part of the @justakidfromfallriver film project.

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