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Pete Sousa | Always providing awesome ENERGY.

I had many terrific TEAMMATES at University of Richmond. Pete Sousa was a special one. His college career was cut short because of a medical issue and had to give up his playing career. But, that didn’t stop Pete. He contributed just as much as anyone on the support staff. He was instrumental in each week's preparation; recording practice and breaking down film. Always providing awesome ENERGY, he was absolutely one of my favorite people. Listen in as he describes one of the toughest coaches in the game.

Jeff Hanson was incredibly hard on all of his players, but there was a specific reason we appreciated his tough coaching. It’s often been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Coach Hanson cared and loved each and every one of his players. When you know a coach truly cares you’ll go above and beyond for him. Thank you Pete for telling this great story and being an AWESOME TEAMMATE. Thank you coach Hanson for being tough on us and caring so much.

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