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Randy Frankel | Supplying positive energy to this world

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I’ve had so many amazing people contribute to my growth and journey. When I take a step back and think about why they decided to help I come up with one answer. They have big hearts. They didn’t just help me along the way they’ve helped many. @randycarlosbakery has been a mentor, friend, and guide along my path. He saw something in me that most wouldn’t have even noticed. Many years ago he saw a crazy kid (kind of) picking things up from the floor to keep the facility clean. That was the start. Many life lessons later we are still here working to create something special. I’ve been called obsessive and foolish for this behavior. My entire life I’ve focused on the smallest of details in any task or job. Randy is one of the few who not only noticed, but saw great value in this mindset and behavior. The lesson-practice what you preach and you’re always on stage.

I can’t begin to tell you fortunate I am to have his friendship and mentorship. From they day I met him he’s always looked out for me and supplied positive energy to the world. Thank you Randy for taking time to sit down with @monarchproductions to be an important part of @justakidfromfallriver documentary.

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